Healthy leaders building healthy churches.

Ministers Fellowship International Australasia is a network of pastors and leaders who are committed to building healthy churches by encouraging, equipping and empowering healthy leaders.

Why stand alone, when
we can walk together?

We exist to facilitate and nurture meaningful relationships among member ministers, equipping and enabling them to be more effective in their callings, for the purpose of building and multiplying strong local churches around the world.


Step up and step forward with resources from MFI pastors and leaders designed to equip and empower you and your staff as you build the local church. Our aim is to provide materials that strengthen you and help you navigate the world presently confronting us.


Join hundreds of pastors and leaders as we come together for our annual Australasia National Conference in Gold Coast, Australia. We believe this investment will not only help you grow, but your entire team, organization and church. 

Events & Regionals

Our events and regionals, are localized meetups designed to create meaningful connections and foster relationships among member ministers. Expand your network, gain practical knowledge, and forge lifelong connections with fellow pastors and leaders.

Become a part of MFI Australasia

Join MFI and become part of a dynamic network of pastors and leaders passionately committed to building healthy leaders and churches.